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Friday, 1 July 2011

Progress so far.

I have been using a program called 'Starting Strength' for almost 9 months now. It is designed for novices and combined with a good diet, gives excellent results. StartingStrengthWiki

Not only has the program helped to make me stronger and look better, but it's provided a great foundation to my future in the gym; it's taught me how to lift correctly, and given me insight into designing my own programs or personalizing others I choose to use later down the line. Well, thats the  blatant advertising over, here is my overall progress: (note: all values, for the sake of simplicity, count as one 'rep' - I'll make a glossary of terms I've come across in a later post)

Deadlift: Initial (when I first started training) = 120lbs
                Current (after 9 months of Starting Strength) = 320lbs

Bench:  Initial = 90lbs
              Current = 185lbs     

Squat: Initial = 120lbs
            Current = 270lbs   

It's also worth noting here that when I first started out I weighed a measly 155lbs, which for someone of my height (6'0) is far too thin. I'm now weighing 188lbs and on my way to the target weight of 200lbs - diet has always been my achilles heel however, so in many ways its my biggest battle. Without proper amounts of food (read: lots) I can't get bigger and stronger. Also worth noting is the very slow progression on my Benchpress; it is by far my weakest lift - I believe this is the case becuase I have naturally long arms, this suits the Deadlift much more (which is my strongest lift)  Although, maybe I just need to train my chest and triceps more!


  1. interesting stuff. Ive been hitting the gym since last august and whilst i havent been keeping records like you i've definately got a lot more thinner (opposite of you; was chubby as hell back when I started lifting/cardio) and have alot more definition. must be hella hard gaining muscle if you're pretty skinny, most of my fat just got burnt straight into it

  2. Interesting read, I'd like to tone up a tad and add on some bulk. Following :)

  3. great progress keep up goos work

  4. nice keep it up man im sure progress starts to pick up quicker after a while