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Thursday, 30 June 2011

An Introduction.

This blog is an outlet. It is a way for me to keep my goals, a place that I can return to often to check my progress and share my thoughts. Thoughts about weightlifting, fitness and other important things.

I have been going to the gym now for almost 9 months, and I've seen some amazing progress not only in the way I look, but also the way I feel. I feel stronger physically and mentally, and as it gets harder and harder to continue the progress, I need a place like this to keep me in check. Even if noone else reads my rants; I will.

However! Along with weekly progress updates I will also talk about things I think work, neat info I have discovered, any news I come across ... just to make things a little more interesting of course. That means, I'm here for the long haul ...

"On steroids: There are no shortcuts. The fact that a shortcut is important to you means that you are a *****  "   - Mark Rippetoe

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